Art Space Idea

I ran into a friend at the magazine rack and we started talking about our mutual affinity for lowbrow/surreal/graffiti art. It seems that this type of work is making it's way into "legitimate" art galleries along with comic art and illustration. This is less than breaking news to many. There used to be a gallery here in the Burlington area called Lineage that dealt in such wares. I believe they moved to Philly. I can see why because, in my opinion, galleries don't have much draw in this town. The average experience in a BTV gallery is one of poking your head in and then promptly ducking out. This could just be me, of course.

The conversation turned to the question of "What creates the draw to keep people coming back and hanging about in Burlington?". I think there are other art venues and businesses in the area that have tapped into what works here. Many examples come to mind but if anyone has any ideas or disagree with me than please post them in the comments.

This post claims to be about an idea. I did, in fact, wake up the next morning with a fully formed idea but it will be more interesting to roll it out in successive posts. Hopefully it will include the input of commenters and turn out totally different from what I came up with.

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