Adapt: Please Stop Driving

If this seems unresonable to, I'm not suprised. That's doubly so if you live in Vermont. Never-the-less, it's only logical. The car and those who cannot do without them are obsolete.

A few reasons why...

Internal combustion developed around oil because it took little effort to produce. Heck, the stuff comes right out of the ground. But what seemed to be an endless supply is not. It's not just the black gunk coming out of the ground, but the complex, expensive, and resourse intensive process of turning it into a usable fuel. It won't take much to drive the price out of reach for the majority of folks. It's already out of my reach, but that's not saying much. Ween yourself off the oil habbit now and it will be easier when the time comes.

-Riding your bike is fun and makes you smile; cars make you insane and want to kill.
-Bikes are cheap to maintaintain, cars will suck your wallet dry with repairs, gas, and insurance.
-Bikes are stealthy and quiet, cars put you under constant surveylance and legal liability.

Holy crap! I could go on like this for pages. I guess it's time to let you chime in.

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