Art Space Idea- Foster a Culture

I find that the key element to creating 'draw' is fostering a cult. Everyone knows that the best and cheapest form of promotion is word of mouth. But what does that mean and how do you 'make' it happen?

The Firehouse Gallery does a great job answering this question. They have workshops, kids' programs and independent films. There is a reason to go back there on a regular basis. Firehouse is publicly funded, which puts limits on what they can exhibit and this puts a damper on creativity. I go there all the time but it doesn't always meet my needs in terms of inspiration.

The Old Spokes Home and The Outdoor Gear Exchange are a couple of local businesses which seem to have it figured out. Again they have reasons to go back on a regular basis because of their flea market appeal. You never know what treasures you will find hiding in their depths. You will find something interesting if you check back often enough. If you read blogs, you're probably familiar with this idea.

So, what can be picked up from these or other examples that would make the art space you would want to go to everyday?

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